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Welcome to Family Skinnydippers

Here is where you can find other families who, like you, believe in body acceptance through chaste social nudity. We provide a safe environment where parents and children both can share their interests, opinions, and experiences with others who believe in the wholesomeness of chaste nudity. You can communicate through FSD mail, message boards, and live chats--both public and private.

Anyone is welcome to join Family Skinnydippers--even singles, who we consider families of one--as long as you are respectful of other members and act in accordance with our Terms of Service.


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Popular Articles

Why Be Socially Nude?

We are born naked. Everyone knows that.

But the moment we leave the womb, we are wrapped in a blanket, and the skin hardly ever sees the light of day again. For the next 70+ years of life, we wrap our skin in a cocoon of fabric. Read more...

Is Nudity Inherently Immoral?

Where does the aversion to nudity come from?

Ultimately, it comes from the notion that nudity is immoral. To be nude, except in rare and controlled circumstances, is an act of immorality. But what's immoral about it? Read more...

First Time Nude Experience

My first experience with mixed company nudity occurred at a Family Skinnydippers swimming party in Salt Lake City. It was a very natural introduction. After an hour or so, a family arrived with three small children and a baby. It was quite obvious to me that they were used to this. Read more...

Quotes Relevant to Nudity

"Truth is, most of us contain a splashing, giggling, squealing child who knows without thinking that bare skin and water go together as wings go with air, roots with earth, and the phoenix with incendiary sun."
                      --Janet Lembke

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