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Especially in American culture, nudity is such a foreign and taboo concept that most of us can't even imagine wanting to be nude, except for sexual reasons. But there are all sorts of reasons to be nude, many of them obvious, if we could only get past our social conditioning and think about it objectively.

Let us emphasize that we are in no way discussing sexual nudity. In the proper circumstances, sexual nudity is a wonderful thing, but it has nothing to do with the sort of nudity we're talking about. We are talking about chaste social nudity, a form of nudity in mixed company that has nothing to do with sexuality. It's also a form of nudity that most people don't believe exists, but from our own personal experiences we know that it does.

If you've never experienced chaste social nudity, it can be hard to believe our claims. We understand. But the claims are true nonetheless. We invite you to investigate these claims with as open a mind as your social conditioning will allow.


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