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Things I've Done Naked #2

Things I've Done Naked #1

Families Visit Diamond Fork

First Family Skinnydippers Swim Party

Things I've Done Naked #2

Go to the beach
Walk on the beach with my nephew
Carry on conversations with people on the beach
Attend a party at a friend's house
Play beach volleyball
Play indoor volleyball
Swim at a social
Swim in a river on a hot day
Read and answer e-mail
Drive to/from a lot of places, especially the beach
Watch TV
Brush my teeth
Sunbathe in a clearing in the woods
Enjoy the view of a nice waterfall and swim in the pool below it
Walk in the rain
Go boating
Go off a roap swing into a lake
Cook and eat
Be photographed by Spencer Tunick with 3000 other people in Cleveland, OH
Enjoy the feel of the wind all over my body on a hot night
Roll on the wet grass just to see what it feels like
Streak around my neighborhood at night when a teenager
Sit in a chair and look at the stars
Be born

---GRh, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Things I've Done Naked #1

Wash dishes
Take out the garbage
Rake leaves
Carry on conversations with fellow hot springs soakers
Read and answer e-mail
Drive to/from work
Watch TV
Turn my head and cough
Play board games
Get the mail
Read the mail
Brush my teeth
Get a haircut
Water the lawn
Greet fellow hikers as I pass by them
Sunbathe on a rock outcropping halfway up the mountains
Enjoy the view of a nice waterfall
Watch a herd of deer
Watch a meteor shower
Watch four hawks soar in circles above me
Try and identify the bizarre animal noises going on around me in the middle of the night
Follow a porcupine waddling up the trail in front of me
Avoid the moose haunting the trail in front of me
Play water volleyball
Write novels
Make dinner
Eat dinner
Hide from a bunch of teenagers driving past in their pickups
Enjoy the feel of the wind all over my body on a hot night
Roll on the wet grass just to see what it feels like
Roll in the snow just to see what it feels like
Watch the sun rise
Play Yahtzee
Try to identify the various geographical features around me as I stand at the cusp of three mountain canyons

---Marty Michaels, Salt Lake City, Utah

Families Visit Diamond Fork

On a Saturday in October 2003 we had an impromptu Family Skinnydippers hike into Diamond Fork hot springs that three of our member families decided to take advantage of.

We had three adults, one representing each family, and three kids representing two of the three families. I personally was a little concerned about skinnydipping at Diamond Fork on a Saturday. I'd been there a number of times, but never Saturday. All the scary rumors through the grapevine are that Saturdays are dicey for skinnydipping. All those families and Boy Scout troops that go on that day, you see.

Well, I've seen families and Boy Scouts there during the week too. But the general feeling is that Saturdays are when the people who are not happy with nudity are prone to go.

So whereas I usually feel quite comfortable being nude at Diamond Fork, including the hike in and out, I was a little apprehensive for this trip. The large number of vehicles we found in the parking area didn't help.

We all started out clothed, but I have a policy of never hiking with clothes on if at all possible--I can't stand wearing those things while hiking! I waited for a while until we were well out of sight of the road, then started hiking nude.

We passed a bunch of people coming out. Some I dressed for, some I didn't, depending on how much warning I had. With our first encounter, I asked who was at the pools and if there was skinnydipping going on. They said there were families and a Boy Scout troop, and no skinnydipping. That was depressing!

Eventually the Boy Scouts showed up on their way out. After they passed, a couple more boys suddenly appeared. I asked if they were part of the Boy Scouts, but they weren't. In fact, they said, their parents were coming up behind them.

Sure enough, their parents came--with other parents--and a bunch of kids of both sexes and various ages. By now so many people had passed that I figured the pools had to be virtually empty.

Suddenly a man and his son appeared behind us, heading for the springs. Now this was no good! We didn't need them showing up and ruining our skinnydipping plans. So I said to them, "I hope you're not squeamish about skinnydipping."

"Oh, does that go on here?" the man said with a look of surprise.

"Sure does."

"Is that what you guys are planning on doing?" he asked.

"Sure are."

"Well, we just wanted to look at the springs and maybe stick our toe in. We won't stay long."

They went on ahead of us. When we got to the pools, we saw the father and son heading further down the trail past the springs. We wondered if they'd missed the pools.

It was true--everyone that had been there had left. We had the pools to ourselves. We soaked in the pool under the waterfall because the other pools were hot that day. Even the waterfall was lukewarm instead of the usual cold water that flows over it. Everyone skinnydipped. The kids had a great time splashing around and climbing up behind the waterfall and waving through the hole in the solid mineral flow.

The father and son returned, saw us skinnydipping there, and paused as if they didn't know what to do. We waved to them, which got them moving again. They passed by without coming to the pools, heading up the part of the trail that overlooks the pools high above. The father stared carefully straight ahead, but the boy couldn't take his eyes off us the whole time we were in sight.

When it was time to go, the kids all dragged their feet. None of them wanted to leave. The whole time we had been there we had been alone but for that father and son, so we all decided to hike back nude.

We heard voices as we approached the upper pools. Since the other two families besides mine had not been to Diamond Fork before, I wanted to show them the upper pools, so we walked down to them.

We found a group of teenagers. Some boys were in one of the pools, and some girls were changing. Exactly what they were changing into and out of, I wasn't sure. I couldn't tell if the boys were skinnydipping, and the girls hadn't undressed yet, except for one that was in the process of undressing. The other girls were holding up a towel that would hide her from the boys.

But the towel wasn't hiding her from me. I had a full view of her. And everyone else coming down behind me, adults and kids. All of us naked.

She looked over at us and hesitated pulling her shirt off over her head. I called, "Oh, just go for it." The boys whooped.

She did. She pulled off her shirt, took her bra off, pulled her pants off, and stood there with nothing but black panties on, all the while meticulously hiding from the boys in the pool, but completely unperturbed that we had an excellent view of her. By then I decided, even though I was dying to see what she would do next, that if I stood there watching any longer, I was getting dangerously close to looking like a gawker, so we left. But I found it very interesting that she wanted hide from the boys, but was unconcerned about some naked strangers seeing her naked.

As we hiked out, we passed several groups coming in. None of us hid or dressed. We just walked past like nude hiking was nothing. Nobody's reactions were any more negative on that Saturday than any other day I'd been there. In fact, I'd occasionally seen more negative reactions on weekdays than we encountered that day.

I dearly wished I could read people's minds on that hike out. I'd hiked nude on the Diamond Fork trail many times before. I'd hiked with other people, including kids. Some of those people, including some of the kids, had even been nude with me.

But this was the first time I'd ever hiked with a group of adults and kids, and every single one of us was nude. I couldn't help but wonder what this looked like to people we passed. What sort of thoughts must be going through their minds? On the one hand, many people tend to automatically interpret nudity as a perverted thing. On the other hand, how could anyone take a look at a group like this and not see the innocence in what we were doing? I imagine there was a very confused brain or two that passed us by that day.

We were in view of the road and soon to round the bend where we could see the parking area, when I suggested maybe we ought to get dressed. I think the whole group would have walked nude right up to the car if I hadn't. One of the children, a girl, asked a very profound question: "Why do we have to get dressed?"

Why indeed?

---Marty Michaels, Salt Lake City, Utah

First Family Skinnydippers Swim Party

On Saturday Sept 20, 2003, we held the first family swim party sponsored by Family Skinnydippers. As the founder of the group, I couldn't be more pleased with how it went.

For our first swim, it was fairly well attended. Not only did we have a decent number of people, but the balance was nice as well. There were eighteen people total. Three of them were women, eight were men, and the other seven were kids from the age of seventeen on down to three months.

All of the adults skinnydipped. All of the kids started out with swimsuits, but every one of them ended up skinnydipping by the end of the evening, at least a little bit. Except for the seventeen-year-old, that is, who didn't want to swim at all.

A few people donated extra, and we were able to collect most of the rental cost. Our anonymous guarantor offered to pay for the entire party so we could retain what we collected in a fund to be used for future parties. Thanks to him/her.

Everyone unanimously agreed that it was a wonderful time. Several people who came later than the starting time said they wished they had come when the party started so they could be there longer. Several also talked about others they would invite to the next one.

I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. The environment was comfortable, friendly, and safe. This party was a testament to my theory that socially nude experiences are best done as families. There was an undefinable feeling of wholesomeness that pervaded the party. Anyone that could walk away from that experience still believing nudity is always perverted could only be a complete moron.

It was exactly the sort of activity I'd hoped to provide families when I founded Family Skinnydippers. I went into the party with feelings of trepidation, wondering how the afternoon would go. By the time it was over, I was elated. I hated to go, and I think everyone else did too. I'm sitting here wishing I could attend another one right now.

The only thing that was missing out of the entire afternoon was you. If you didn't attend, you missed out on a delightful experience. We'd love to see you next time--assuming, of course, that you're willing to contribute to the wholesome family atmosphere rather than detract from it!

Thanks to all who attended and made it a success. An especial thanks to those who donated extra beyond the admission fee.

---Marty Michaels, Salt Lake City, Utah

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